Tuesday, August 7, 2007

whipping the cream

well i picked up my paper today .... and the first news i see is " Chief Minister to Samovar's rescue " ...... with a photo of some celebrities and quotes by shobha De . Now what is samovar ..... and why is it so important .... looking at the headline i figured out that it must be some monument or some area where some less fortunate people were living which needed help .

But looking inside i figured out that it is a cafe at kala ghoda ( one of the most expensive area in the city ) ..... and the article starts like " Superstar Amitabh Bachan and his wife Jaya will be happy. Chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh on Monday promised to help save Cafe Samovar in Kala Ghoda from shutting down. The actors had their first date in the early '70s in this bustling verandah cafe at jehangir Art gallery "

Well first of all does this news deserve to be on the front page of a reputed national daily ? why do i care if two actors met here , dated ... kissed whatsoever .. specially when there are more important topics concerning the country and the world which are pushed inside ? why is the media so much frenzied about even the sneeze of a celebrity while the constant suffering of the common man is ignored , taken for granted ..... not worthy of reporting ?

The cafe might be important for the art lovers .... but it certainly does not deserve the front page . I had written a post about how waylaid our media has become .....something which came out on the recent Ramnath goenka memorial debate .

Another ... point which i want to make is why the celebrities think they deserve special treatment . The Sanjay Dutt conviction ...... i for once am ok with it . why? because he might be munnabhai on screen , his father might have taken out peace marches .... a champion of the poor , he might be a superstar ...... but all said and done , he had broken a law . He had made mistakes and should be punished , like any other ordinary man . What would have happened if you or me would have kept an AK-56 ? we would probably have been kept in lock up without even a reason , might have died in a fake encounter ....... and nobody would have batted an eyelid . The same media which now runs story after story on the conviction ... wouldn't have found it worthy to make it to their pages esp. when there should be advertisements ..... which are important . The Salman Khan blackbuck case ..... The Fardeen khan drug abuse ...... The shakti kapoor casting couch ...... The Rahul Mahajan drug abuse case ..... why do we forget the crime in light of something which is actually a dream ( cinema ) .

The society calls these people the cream . They are doing well professionally , making us laugh and cry with them ...... but this does not give them a license to do whatever they please . It is time the cream needs to be whipped .
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