Saturday, August 11, 2007

Marking your LIMIT

well on july 8 , 2007 the big apple ... New York had a deluge ....much like what aamchi mumbai has now every year . It was sad with a loss of lot of property and death of some people . But what surprised me was the headlines in the newspapers . Instead of reporting what happened in New York they actually compared Mumbai to Ney york and took a saddistic pleasure in saying .... " We are like New York " . There were comparisons with New York times ......

But what are we trying to project .... we are as bad as some other city in the world to tackle our problems ? or are we saying that we are inferior to somebody and establishing the other's supremacy ? or do we consider the problem so grave that we can't find a solution to it ... do we feel that it is impossible ? ...... have we set our LIMITs?????????

" I'd rather confess that i am wrong and be right than claim i am right and be wrong "
-Maria Fontaine
excuses ...... thats what we had been doing for 40 years after our Independence and what was the result ..... an empty treasury .... foreign sanctions ...... crumbling market .... and when we accepted our faults and changed the course of action what happened ...... we became one of the fastest rising economy..... second largest growth rate ..... being compared into the league ....... We became right by accepting that we were wrong . Everyday ... we try to hide from our mistakes ... everyday we make excuses .... everyday we run ........ from what ???? eventually from success.

" Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better "
- Pat Riley
" You may be disappointed if you fail .... but you will be doomed if you don't try "
- Beverly sills
most of us have set a LIMIT for ourself .... which we have set sometimes on the basis of our failures in the past , sometimes because people tell us we cannot do a certain thing but most of the times it is because we are worried what happens if we fail .... we set our limits and try to perform in those set of preconceived goals .... we never strife for bigger things because this may lead to losing what we have ..... we are afraid to burn our boats .....

" I think therefore I am "
- Descrates

we can be what we perceive to be ... if we perceive to be the best , the fastest , the brightest damn right we can be ....... the only thing is where do you set your limits and how much do you believe in yourself .

If we think we match a city in its failure then dammit we will compare ourself to every failure .... but if we compare ourself to the strengths of that same city and strife to be better ...... then i see no reason why one day there won't be an article in New York times comparing New York with Mumbai .

We have had our setbacks and we have all screwed up ... but there are only a few who rise ... while others just make a deal with fate, destiny ... or whatever excuse they wanna give .

" Everybody screws up , its what you do next matters "

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