Saturday, July 28, 2007

Main peeke talli ho gaya

Well the recent news doing the rounds is that of Kiran Bedi ( India's first woman IPS officer ) being super seeded and the post of Delhi's Police commissioner being given to her junior . She alleged that it was because she was not a part of the " Social Drinking Circle " ( apart from the gender bias and bureaucrats not wanting to deal with a woman ..... but i already wrote about the issue in one of my previous posts ...) . So now about the drinking . I don't drink ... and so do many of my friends from my group ( leaving apart our very dear choos and punter ) . But yes some of my friends who are social drinkers also ( Puneet , Mohammed , Aneesh ) ..... we have never been pressurized to drink ( which i like ) . I don't know what pushes people to drink ( i am not discussing pros or cons of drinking ) But just out of curiosity ..... is it .....

1. to look cool (maybe )
2. to fit in ( probably but considering our group to fit in you should be an appy drinker not a vodka drinker)
3. to cope up with stress ( as a friend doing mbbs said thats why they drink )
4. Because it tastes good ( a frank reply given by gogo)

well these are all what i could think of ... left the 5 one blank cuz i know that this is not the full list and there will be additions . But seriously what would i do if ever i am faced with such a condition . I mean yes i want to rise in the corporate ladder fast ..... i want to be " in the club " .... but still i want to regard the two promises i made to my parents before leaving home one of which was never to smoke or drink . Would i give in to the temptation/pressure ? or would i let go off my career ?
Right now what i feel is that i will not drink . I mean my father is a teetotaller and i don't think it has affected his career in any way . But who knows ???
Thinking about this there was an article in DNA about sexual exploitation which happens in the corporate offices these days and there were some anonymous experiences about people of how it happened . What happened when the tried to resist .... But sadly no experience about how to resist . I mean this problem ( according to normal notion ) is faced by women ...but according to recent reports people believe in gender equality . For people us ( considering most of the people who read my blog are college students ) who will be entering the corporate world soon .... how do you tackle such problems ??? especially when you are at the bottom of the ladder .....

Drinking , exploitation .......... it sure looks a dark world out there ...... i wanna enjoy this year with my friends fully .... 5 sem beckons .....
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