Monday, April 23, 2007

the grind begins

well this is the part of the sem which i hate the most . the part just before the compreez ( this period sucks in BITS). it is filled with giving presentations , finishing reports , last minute exams ...... whoa too much and on top of that the fear of the slaughter in the compreez . today i finished french .... dont ask me anything cuz seriously i dont know anything but it feels good atleast one thing is over .

for the first time in my life i will sign a stamp paper . i am doing my ps1 at GOA SHIPYARD(so wont be staying home :( ) and it being a defence establishment requires people to sign some info to get priority entry.... feels good ... i might be working as an undercover agent someday fighting goons ... ok now come back to reality .

going back to my studies now cuz i srsly dont wanna screw these compreez like ther predecessors.
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