Saturday, March 31, 2007

the hippocrates

well today the descision was reached about the long debate in the country .... should the children of this country be given sex education .

the final descision - no , ( state banned sex education in all schools)
the reason - the great indian culture ...... we dont talk about sex

this not talking about sex has is one of the main reasons that we are second most populous country in the world . the main reason why we have most growing number of aids patients in the world. the reason why girls are married when they are hardly 3 months old .

and now about the indian culture .... what cultue are these politicians talking about . India has the most rich culture in the world . and about sex ..... we are country which educated the world about it .... the country which gave the world kamasutra .

the politicians only want votes and are screwing the country in the name of indian culture . it is because of them that we went from most powerful force in world to a time when we were thought of as a country only of snake charmers.

during mohenjadaro and harrapa civilizations the women were given very high status .... but then they were pushed back .... and now also they are pushed back .... why because in our culture women dont raise ther voice .

our culture is the most divese and rich culture of the world ...... if you want to screw yourself then do it ..... but dont blame culture for it .
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