Saturday, February 24, 2007

The one night stand

well long post overdue . the reason for my not writing the earlier was that the bloody network admins had blocked blogspot ( though it is still blocked i figured out i can still post blogs ..... and for those of you who wannaview my blogs .... ask me ... thanks to gaurav ) .

another reason for not posting was that test 1 was on and officially got over today . IT WAS HORRIBLE . well for it going bad i can think of many reasons as i had waves publicity , cultural secretary responsibility ....... but to tell the truth it is all bull shit . i didnot study ..... and that is the meaning of todays topic ( i bet you thought otherwise ) .

well i thought that like some cool guys in my wing i can do 1 night stand before the exam and score ....... i was wrong . i am just geting average or in some subjects worse . well thinking about last 4 days what did it teach me
it taught me to not to study just 1 night before the exams .... but seriously looking at the bigger picture it taught me the value of hardwork , being organised , being regular and being punctual .

well these things are the same things which we are taught right from childhood , but then why do we always want to do something different . why do we always wanna take the easier route . why why why ????

right now i canot answer that i dont know .... but if you kno do tell me . as for now i have to get back to my studying and study like hell .

i know this was boring but wht the hell it was for me
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